Product Groups

1. Conductive Bags

Conductive bag types are made of low density LDPE material show electrical conductivity. Their color is black and not transparent. It is resisted and has faraday cage property when it is aanufactured at big sizes.

When an out of standart sizes bag are requested, products are specilized bags and bobbins will be desinged and manufactured.

Electrical surface resistance with, E + 02 to E + 05 Ohm, Conductive bags are measured by our company regarding to TSE EN 61340 standard. This type of bags can be produced in various sizes and types are printed on it indicating the conductivity.

2. Antistatic Bags

The most economical way of protecting from external and harmful static loads for all metarials or devices that do not need faraday cage type of preserve. The bags are manufactured various sizes, and different transparent colors such as pink, blue, green regarding request. And also different thicknesses. They are designed several types such as locked, adhesive tape, flat or coi regarding to their usage area.

Electrical Surface Resistance values between E + 09 and E + 11 Ohms. It is the most economical type compared to other antistatic bags. Measurement and control of electrical properties of antistatic bags according to TSE EN 61340 standard are done by our company.

3. LDPE - Bubble Antistatic Bags

Antistatic bags made of bubble LDPE material have the same characteristics as pink LDPE bags in terms of protection against external static loads. Provides additional protection against external physical impacts with bubbles. In addition to the normal type of bag appearance, adhesive strip type is produced due to request.

Several dfferents wideness of bobins for packages are available at our stocks. Bag formats are not available at our stocks. Due to request custom made products will be manufactured Electrical Surface Resistance Balloon antistatic bags with E + 09 to E + 11 Ohms have higher costs than pink bags. Measurement and control of the electrical properties of antistatic bags are performed by our company regarding to TSE EN 61340 standard.

4. Shielding Bag

The ESD-protected bags, which consist of a minimum of 3 layers of plastic film on each surface, are designed to protect very sensitive electronic materials from static loads. The very thin metallized film (conductive layer) in the intermediate layer gives this bag a protective armor against static loads and electromagnetic waves. This product, which has a Faraday cage, is applied by vaporizing the metallized film on the intermediate layer.

it has a metallic appearance in case it is applied as a film. The lower and upper layers of the metallized pouch have antistatic properties and provide extra protection against static loads. This product is preferred for the protection of very sensitive electronic devices and devices as well as static loads and a faraday cage. Especially if electronic cards have software, it is absolutely necessary to use such products.

5. Conductive Film Laminated Antistatic Bubble Bags

It is antistatic outer surface is protective against static loads. Its ballooned surface is protected against product- damaging effects such as shaking and impact during transport. It is also conductive with Faraday Cage in its structure. Antistatic bags with bubble-conducting film lamination are suitable for multi-suitable usage, are manufactured in the form of envelopes.

6. Grid Bags

They have the similar properties with conductive bags and are transparent.. It allows to be viewed from outside. Carbon stripes are placed to those products that are manufactured from metarial LDPE, are gained conductivity property This type of bags can be manufactured as locked, adhesive stripe or flat type.

7. Antistatic Stretches

Antistatic strech films with cost efficiency according to other antistatic products are 23 microns thick, 50 cm wide and 300 m tall. The antistatic stretch film is used to wrap static-sensitive electronic components, flammable products, paints and chemical products on pallets, avoiding the risk of damage and ignition with ESD. It prevents dusting and ESD is the preferred reason for packaging and wrapping of products in transport to grain and military equipment stores.

Antistatic stretchers are dispative stretchers for use in applications that are sensitive to static electricity. The antistatic stretch film pallets wound on the roll ensure tight, safe and static-free extra-strength, combined loads. Antistatic stretch films which are resistant to puncture, wrap by sticking without the need to use any tape and plastic belt with its inner surface showing adhesive properties

8. Antistatic Polyethylene Foam Separator

Antistatic Polyethylene foam separator is a form of packaging that protects against electro static discharge damage, does not produce dust, and fixes the product when it carries with its light and soft surface. The most important feature is, high shock absorbing properties compared to other packaging types. Due those reasons, it is preferred at transportation of fragile products such as electronic cards, chips and leds.

9. Antistatic Caps

Antistatic caps are produced in two different models with/out holes in different diameters; Those Bones are covere up the mouth part of boilers used in chemical industiry. Antistatic bones are easier to use at mixture processand have cost advantage instead of metal covers. Those are measured in accordance with the standard 61340 and offered to our customers.

10. Antistatic Cardboard Box

We can produce boxes and separators to be able to meet customer needs. We can also produce cartoons at desired measurements and thicknesses by customer consideration. Boxes and separator’s ESD characteristics is ensured by ESD paint applied on them.

11. Antistatic and Conductive Wheels

Electrically conducting wheels and roulettes are important system components in almost all areas, from medical technology, the electrical and semiconductor industry, the automobile industry to hospitals, the pharmaceutical industry and other chemical industries. It is indispensable for protected areas with risk of explosion. The electrical conductivity of wheels, swivel castors and fixed castors serves as protection against electrostatic discharge from transport devices or transported goods. By using ESD-compatible castors and roulettes, this can prevent painful electrostatic discharges and damage to transported sensitive materials in a car user.

Our company also have a wide range of wheels available in an ESD-compatible model. In addition to rubber, plastics and metals, polyurethanes are also available in the conductive version as wheel coating material. Due to their vibration-free, floor protection, high bearing capacity, good driving feel and long service life, these wheels can be used not only in sensitive environments but also in different areas where they are needed. Available in different diameters with and without brakes.

12. Antistatic Tent

Enables innovation studies during ongoing operations at production facilities. The antistatic tents are prevented from dust and similar substances to spread during work time and will be a risk for facility .This causes to stop negative responses at products. With antistatic wheels, easliy moved to working area.

13. Antistatic Workwear

Esd work clothes are weaved specially, with antistatic fabrics meet all the specifications of 61340 standard. All clothes such as T-shirts, jackets and clothes are presented n S - M - L - XL - XXL – XXXL option.